Monday, March 23, 2009

NYC Subway Art Gallery Opening

A New York City based improv troop called "Improv Everywhere" held a fake art gallery opening on the 23rd street platform in Manhattan. BRILLIANT! Ahh New York, art and humor - just a few of my favorite things.

Tad sent me this link to the group's latest antics, showcasing the fashionable-ist of the fashionable storm drains, exquisitely stained graffiti walls and fine grimy fire extinguishers while guests sipped cider, left their coats on the coat rack and strolled to live cello music and the stench of the city's underground. Yes, they treated everything from trash cans to trashy advertisements as masterpieces.

They even included an exact replica of MTA's "Service Change Alert" sign as a gallery opening announcement.

My favorite "works of art" are "Woman Sitting on Bench" (Ongoing), "Drain" (1975) and "The Arriving and Departing of the Train" (Ongoing since 1932).

With the motto "we cause scenes," the group has executed over 80 "missions" involving thousands of undercover agents and their point is to just bring humor and light to the everyday mundane. The best of all was this photo:

Note included with it: Agent Small with the Europeans.

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