Monday, April 20, 2009

There's a House Finch on my House!

I seem to blog about things that go "tweet" a lot of late.

We have a new neighbor ... or perhaps it's a new roommate.

This bird couple made a nest in the crook of our front doorway. I'm like a gitty third grader as I've gotten into the habit of checking the nest building process every day. First it was a few random twigs, a bit of straw and finally, some fluff of some sort. I find it pretty cool how the birds can shape these tiny twigs into a tight circular, hallowed-out basket. But then again, I'm a silly science kid now. Thanks Discovery News.

The birds fly away every time we walk within five feet of it - to go up the stairs, to go outside, to take a photo of it - but I was able to capture this shot of Mama last night. My research tells me it's a House Finch. Ha!

Tad says we should knock it down because if they lay eggs in it, they may abandon the nest if we keep scaring them away too much. Or maybe he's just saying that because the bird tweets incessantly at all hours before the sun rise, making it hard to sleep in past 5 am. Makes me sad :(

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