Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things that make me sigh sadly today

The Hills' Lauren Conrad said she had to research "a lot of facts and a lot of big words" to get through her lines for an upcoming role on FOX's Family Guy. (Thanks Emily! I'm with you. I felt this was too sad to not say what the article was about outright.)

Not even Pulitzer Prize winners are safe from layoffs.

Operation Cinderella Project: Busted.

When the weatherman said tomorrow's forecast calls for a 70 percent chance of rain, I never had a problem understanding he meant there's a 7/10 chance I might need the umbrella. Apparently, most of America didn't get the message.

When I was kid, my biggest fear was the dark.

See, your fellow Congressman can relate to you.

Miss California gives her reason why she was runner-up for Ms. USA.

Karl Rove is "creeping" around again. Did you know you can block people on Twitter, Ms. Mccain?

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