Friday, April 17, 2009

The Un-Twitter Movement - Why Can't We Be Friends?

It has begun. Already. It's only been a couple months since the Twitter explosion and already there's a digital grass-roots discussion of Tweet burn out.

That didn't take long.

I was happily Twittering away for Discovery_News, tweeting our Alligator = Dinosaur story and our "Why can Susan Boyle sing so well but others can't? The science behind singing" video, adding Jay Leno, Oprah and Ashton Kutcher as followers in hopes for Discovery News shout outs, when this caught my eye on the right-hand side.

Under most popular topics people are twittering about: Susan Boyle... Pirate Bay... TGIF... #unfollowfriday...


Yes. A new movement on Twitter has arisen. Every Friday, people "cleanse" thier Twitter by de-following those who a.) follow anyone and everyone b.) constantly Tweet very annoying things about themselves c.) bombard you with ads. Huh! Interesting. A practice akin to what I and others do all the time with our Facebook profiles has trickled down to put an end to annoyance presented in 140 characters or less. Impressive!

A select few users' feelings about the event...

armandoalves: If anyone asks me to follow any of the 3 stooges (@aplusk , @cnnbrk , @oprah) you're getting an #unfollowfriday

SardonicPrick: If I had any followers, they'd prob #unfollowfriday me for this, but at least Oprah has reached the max # of tweets recomended in an hour.

Rineva: Why the hell is Twitter letting me un-follow everyone but @aplusk? I sense a rig. I am sick of the tweetspam. #unfollowfriday

chrisavery: Uh-oh, @jimmyfallon is about to go.. he just mentioned the unmentionable O. #unfollowfriday

tomchau: In the spirit of #unfollowfriday, I unfollowed @unfollowfriday. They wanted me to

ds: Save Twitter! #unfollowfriday @aplusk, @cnnbrk, @britneyspears, @oprah, @mileycyrus

oimperador: RT @smashmouth Why cant we be friends? #unfollowfriday

Most popular #unfollowfriday ReTweet...

davefp: RT @LeoLaporte: Unfollowing anyone who mentions Kutcher, Oprah, or uses the word Internets. Satisfying. #unfollowfriday

Editor's Note: aplusk = Ashton Kutcher. He was the first person to break one million followers.

Let this be a lesson to you. Even in the world of micro-blogging, Tweet wisely.


Tad said...

oh leolaporte. bring back the screen savers!

AZ Winer said...

Same Day post, haha.

Erin said...

Anti-twitter. I don't CARE what you're doing 24/7.

(I mean, I care what YOU are doing, Lauren, but honestly, it's just too much. haha)