Monday, May 11, 2009

Life Goes On

It's unusual for me to not post an update for several days, but Karey's death and then getting through her funeral took a toll on me, zapping me of all creative juices. I even felt guilty about writing the previous post on the super heroes in Cincinnati because it was something that made me laugh and I didn't feel right about laughing at anything when I should be mourning.

And then I realized how silly that was and how Karey would have said, "pffft girl, don't worry about it." Life goes on.

Coming back to work on Friday was difficult, but I was so relieved to have something positive to focus on. And what started as a rainy, cold Friday turned into an incredible weekend.

Fearing I would drown in a sea of hopelessness, two of my coworkers asked me to go out with them in D.C. on Friday night after work. We eventually ended up at Marvin on U Street and in the middle of sipping my Amstel Light, I noticed a girl who looked strangely familiar. Did I go to school with her? Does she work at Discovery? I couldn't place her until one of the guys we were with said, "Hey! Did you see some of the contestants from Top Chef are here?" Bam! It hit me. It was Jamie from Top Chef Season 5.

Being the D-list celebrity magnet that I suddenly am (see here, and here) and a HUGE fan of the show, I went over to introduce myself to Carla, Jamie and Ariane -- all from Top Chef Season 5 and visiting Carla who lives and has a catering business in DC. Carla was the most pulled together, but Ariane was absolutely wasted and showed me everything she bought at American Apparel. Jamie, a lesbian, shook my hand and then promptly asked me, "Oh dude, can I sign your boobs? I would really love to sign your boobs." It was pure class. And that's all I have to say about that :)

Saturday was a much calmer day than Friday night. Tad and I met Roberto and his girlfriend Rena for a delicious shabat lunch before hitting the DC streets for the European Union Embassy Row Open House. Despite Roberto and Rena carefully planning out our route to only hit the embassies serving free food and wine,the lines were so long that were only able to get into Spain and Portugal -- two countries I can now say I've visited since the embassies sit on sovereign soil.

Waiting in line outside of the Spanish embassy...

Bonus: Spain's embassy hosted flamingo dance shows...

Waiting in line outside of the Portuguese embassy (this was when we got up to the door, not to mention the hour we spent on the street)...

And we were invited to meet the Portuguese ambassador Joao de Vallera in his office before enjoying native Port wine and portuguese baked bread...

Finally Sunday, I was home for Mother's Day. I had several good laughs teaching my mom that back space on the keyboard works the same as delete just in a different direction, and showing her how to use the itunes gift card I bought her. She had a good ol' time downloading 70s rock hits and Bob Marley of all things. A fairly quiet afternoon that finished with taking my 3 P.M. on Sunday photo and a home cooked meal of fried chicken and pasta salad.

It was so refreshing to be busy and outside after the 11 days of rain and all that went down last week, that I have to say it was one of the best weekend's I've had in a long time.

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Jess said...

Sounds like the embassy tour was lots of fun and a much needed break from the craziness you've been going through lately! P.S. I'm thinking about good yoga stretches for you.