Friday, May 22, 2009

A Musing

- Tried to write an "Ode to an English Muffin" because I was mad at how they fall to pieces when I try to put them in the toaster, but it ended up sounding very weirdly sexual so I scrapped the idea. I think it was the 'nooks and crannies' that did me in. That, and I couldn't handle multiple "that's what she said"'s from Nick.

- Analyzing the current furniture inventory in my rental house and how we're going to scale it down to fit it all into the new apartment. Kitchen things alone will fill one U-Haul truck.

- LOL'd when a Twitter follower reminded me about "O RLY?" and Prairie Dog "O RLY?".

- Figured out what tattoo I would get if I had the guts to get one. Maybe one day.

- Keep going back and forth about cutting my hair shorter and adding color. Definitely like this chick. But actually more like Julia Stiles' pre-punked out hair. My mom will hate it.

- Finally reached the series finale of West Wing a week ago, but I'm not ready to watch it. I've heard I'll cry.

- Discovered Advil PM for my back pain at night and what a good night's sleep feels like.

- Rediscovered love and new appreciation for Nirvana, Green Day, Sublime and other angry music I listened to in the '90s. And yet, Trisha Yearwood's "X's and O's", Faith Hill's "Someone Else's Dream," and James Taylor's "Mexico" still warms my heart.

- Succumbed to the "I work at Discovery" hair style - the messy bun. It happens on a daily basis.

- Finding it difficult to believe I graduated college a year ago. Today.

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