Friday, May 29, 2009

In other news

One of our News producers had her final day with us today and I've been granted the opportunity to take over her duties until we find a replacement. I'm pretty stoked about it because up until now I've been helping build content for the topic hubs: Discovery Space, Discovery Tech and Discovery Earth - and only small projects for News.

Now I feel like I've finally come full circle and I really enjoyed the work.

First news slide show -

First news article produced -

On the homepage...

In other news, I gave a speech to the graduating 8th grade class at my old prep school, The Country School, yesterday. I talked about opportunity and how to make success something you seek, not wait for. In all honesty, I hated my prep school when I was a student there because I was small and dorky and obnoxious so I was often teased - sometimes it wasn't me, like when a boy called me a poor hick for not having a yacht.

I went into it expecting to be speaking to younger versions of my formal classmates so you can understand why I was dreading it, but it wasn't that way at all. As soon as I started speaking, every kid in the room was listening, asking me questions, and giving me high fives. It was an awesome feeling to finally be a cool kid in middle school and I realized I shouldn't have been such a hypocrite or let it get to me. Ahh the beauty and pain of hindsight.


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