Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Forms. Forms. Forms.

I had two separate run-ins with forms (official documentation) yesterday and I failed both times. One time was not my fault, mind you, and in fact the other one probably wasn't either because who understands tax forms anyway.

It all started a year ago when I got a red light ticket. At the time, I was driving (and still am driving) my mom's old Avalon and so when the ticket was processed, it went under her name with her registration, tag, make, model... her record.

Claiming to never have had even a parking ticket in her life, my mother, bless her, was very unnerved that her scandalous, rebellious, red light-running daughter would tarnish her good record. Despite my explaining to her that once the ticket is paid off the ticket goes away, she decided right then and there to switch the title and registration of the car into my name so if I dared break the red light law again, it would tarnish my record instead.

Title and ownership of a nice "luxury" car without having to pay for it? Sweet! One problem.

When my mom filled out the forms, she filled them out with my old address in College Park. About two weeks before I was supposed to move. Now my registration, and even my license, was possibly invalid.

So yesterday, I dragged myself all the way out to the MVA in Beltsville, where I arrived promptly at 8:15 a.m., only to find that I was number 48 in line. Doors opened at 8:30. After being shuffled to different lines by MVA employees, repeatedly explaining that all I needed to do was a change of address, I was told to fill out a title tag renewal form (enter part where it's not my fault).

Knowing I had the wrong form in hand, I waited the 40 minutes for my number to be called, only to go up to the counter and be told I had filled out the wrong form and had to go back over to this other counter and wait in line there. Luckily, the sweet old lady behind the desk saw my look of frustration and anxiety, and whispered, "I can just do it for you here, but shh." Bam. Done in five minutes. Thank you sweet old lady!

Yesterday also marked the first day of my being officially hired by Discovery and becoming an official full time staffer -- which is awesome -- but it also meant lots of "new hire" paperwork to fill out, even though I've been working full time here for a year.

Happily skipping down to HR to accept my new, full employee benefits, I was faced with another form anxiety - tax forms. I've filled them out a dozen times and they still make me nervous and it showed this time around.

When I came into work today, an email was waiting for me in my inbox that said I had claimed exemptions and zero withholdings at the same time on one form, although they couldn't tell me which one, and payroll has rejected my both my federal and Maryland tax forms. I need to have new ones filled out by the end of today. Sigh. Can't they just reuse the tax forms I successfully filed to payroll a year ago? It would save trees and Advil.


Jess said...

I had no idea you weren't an "official" Discovery employee.

Lauren Effron said...

Technically I was a "temp" but they don't call them temps, they call them contingent workers. Basically the only difference is the only benefits you get on a CW status are crappy health insurance coverage. Now I have a wide variety of cool stuff I can access.