Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 P.M. on Sunday Updated!

I was actually out and about on Sunday so this week's photo is not an up-close, artsy photo of something random in my apartment. Hooray!

But I found taking photos this week difficult.

I was in Georgetown with my little sister on Sunday, which I thought would be grand because there are so many beautiful row houses, little cafes and the river. Not so.

It was blistering hot, way overcrowded and noisy, and by 3 p.m. we were stuck on M Street and Leslie was throwing a mini "I'm tired" tantrum (she's 18 so it was more like whiny 'UGH omg whatever's' meets her thumbs tapping text messages a mile a minute to everyone she knows). So as I was being jostled by lost tourists, dodging the Circular and hussling her back to the car, I tried to discreetly take photos along the way while not looking like a tourist myself.

Not my idea of a good photo-taking time.

VIEW HERE to see which photo made it on the photo blog, a joint project with Erin while she's teaching English in Korea. I had her choose because I wasn't really enthused about any of them so I couldn't decide.

And here are the other photos that didn't...

This one is Paolo's, a restaurant my family used to go to when we visited DC. I snapped it because the yellow walls with the green and pink flowers in the window boxes caught my eye, but I think it kind of looks like an ad for the restaurant.

This is a random stone wall with ivy on it was near where I parked the car on some random side street. Nothing terribly striking about it. I just thought the ivy on the stone was pretty and a good contrast of bright and muted colors.

Every week, I always take a "back-up photo" for this project. Just a photo of the thing closest to me at the time so that if I'm not satisfied with any of the other photos I take, I could always use that one. It's usually my least favorite photo, but sometimes I get lucky. This week's back-up photo was the bread and butter plate at the restuarant where we had lunch right before heading back to the car.

I have it in the back of my mind to one day get up before dawn and take photos of D.C. as the sun comes up. I know a few friends who have done it with beautiful success. It won't be a 3 p.m. photo obviously, but it would make for another interesting photo project in the future. That is, if I can drag myself out of bed that early on a weekend.

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Erin said...

We should start a new photo project when I get back... start thinking of ideas. Maybe something we can do jointly -- give us a REASON to hang out! :P

Anddd... did you get lunch at Paolo's? Or somewhere else? Definitely check out Bistro Francais on M Street sometime if you haven't been before -- favorite place in Georgetown! (I have a whole restaurant list hahaha)