Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get more photos! and cat update...

Erin has updated our joint photo project 3 p.m. on Sunday. See it here.

In cat news...

I'm sad to report that I think Tad may have successfully talked me out of getting a cat. Only time will tell. I was under the impression that a cat could take care of itself while I was away and that it would snuggle with me and love me when I would come home.

These thoughts dashed away when Tad said things like, "cats need lots of love and attention all the time,"* "the litter box makes a huge mess," and "you want to take that week long trip to Amsterdam? Who is going to watch the cat?"**

*I would never NOT give an animal the attention it deserved, but thought a cat would be less needy for love than a dog, and obviously, wouldn't have to go out on walks. This just makes me feel (and sound) like a bad person regardless.

**I've been wanting to go to Amsterdam for forever, especially after I heard all about Melissa's trip. Possibly planning it as my sister's college graduation celebration. It's a big 'possibly'.

As for the loving and snuggling affectionate thing -- I went home to Cambridge and tried to hold Tad's cats, but they mostly came up to me when they felt like it, have me scratch their heads and then scamper away. Or "playfully" bite me. While the dogs at my house would wag their tails and bark happily for me to play with them, and then raise their paw and whimper for me when I left.

Such a sweet puppy...

Dogs rule, cats drool.

Sigh, maybe I'll just get a fish. Except you can't snuggle with fish, and apparently, I need to get at least six to 10 in one tank so they don't get stressed out.

Tad's solution: Here's a new house plant!

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ndc1520 said...

Glad you figured out that cats are pretty much worthless. You alone are the only thing keeping them alive, yet they still operate on their own schedule. Not happening in my book. Dogs win, hands down.