Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Hair Saga

I've dyed my hair from a box before and it came out okay, combined with completely forgetting that I swore I'd never dye it from a box again, means that I tried to dye my hair from a box this past Thursday.

And it was quite an ordeal.

Those who have known me for years know that I naturally have dark brown hair with a big blonde streak on one side of my head from a birthmark on my scalp.

If you've seen my photos from the beach on Facebook, then you'll know my hair turned this golden blonde, dirty blondish-brown mess from being out in the sun. What had happened was I wore my hair in a pony tail most of the time and so the hair held with the hair tie turned golden blondish-brown, but then the hair on top of my head remained either dark, dark brown or almost grey where the blonde streak is.

So on Thursday night, this was my thought process, albeit not at its clearest...

Solution: Save money and dye your hair from a box before your whole family sees the mess your hair has become at the 4th of July family reunion this coming weekend.


Result: I chose a "dark natural cool brown" hair dye. Dyed it. Waiting the 25 minutes. Washed it. Dried it. My hair turned a brassy RED. With my eyebrows as dark as they are, I looked like Kathy Griffin's second cousin twice removed.

Solution: Not big deal. Go back to the store, buy another, darker dye, and try it again.

Result: I chose a "dark brownish-black" hair dye. Dyed it. Waited only 12 minutes this time. Washed it. Dried it. My hair turned BLACK. BLACK!!! Like Cher black!

Solution: Cry. Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat. Look online for other solutions -- I did laugh when "dyed my hair too dark how to lighten" came up as one of the top Google choices when I typed in "dyed my hair" into search. Per instructions online, tried a mayo/olive oil mixture and left it on for 15 minutes. Rinse. Tried Dawn dish soap and left it on for 15 minutes. Rinse. Thought about peroxide for half a minute. Decided my hair would probably fall out. Washed with shampoo five more times. Rinse. Cry.

Result: The black dye washed out in spots so my hair was black streaked with dark brownish almost orange. My family was very nice to me and told me it looked great. I made a hair appointment at Bang for the following Monday (last night) to have it fixed.

Here's what my hair looked like going into the salon...(sad face outside of Verizon Center were the salon was)... for those of you who don't think it looks that bad, keep in mind you can't see the back and this is after I tried to wash it out multiple times...

Enter the salon: *Wash, shampoo, special dye lifting treatment, dryer, wash, recolor with toner, wash, recolor with toner, wash, cut, blow dry, $$$ (most expensive hair experience for me by far), done.*

Here's what my hair looked like after... a happy, healthy, dark brown (You can tell the lighting alters it a bit by how purple my shirt looks compared to the photo above). Either way, the color was exactly what I was going for the first time around...

Okay, so after all that time, money and hair wasted, I hereby swear to not dye my hair from a box again. If you catch me forgetting about this ordeal and thinking it's a great idea again, please stop me.

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Jess said...

Haha oh gosh I can't believe the dye from the box turned out so not good! Glad you were able to save your hair! I think it looks awesome!