Sunday, July 26, 2009

No "Thanks, Sweetheart"

I've found a new TV show that intrigues me, and while it's not exactly "The West Wing", it has quickly become a nice substitute to fill that void I need for quick-witted, snide, throwaway one-liner, smart television dramas.

Erin was the one who told me I would love "Mad Men," and then when I read an article that it was AMC's biggest hit, I got curious.

My On Demand only had a few episodes of Season 2, but I switched it on tonight anyway and immediately found myself drawn in. Set in an New York City advertising agency in the 1960's, the cast is full of "oh that's that girl/guy from that thing in that movie and/or TV show," which distracted me at times, but after a while I was too engrossed in the conversations to have it bother me.

The characters have a calm intensity about them and combined with the stern (and at times awkward) dialogue of the time period -- "No one under 25 drinks coffee anymore, it's all Pepsi," and "you're such a button," -- it's obviously bright and quick. I appreciate the absence of "gee golly's" and "thanks sweetheart's". Plus, Elizabeth Moss (Zooey Bartlett, "The West Wing") saying "Men like short skirts, you know, sex sells," was too adorable not to smirk at.

Not to mention the amazing clothes (oh my goodness the clothes, and I'm not the only one who's swooning. Banana Republic recently launched a "Mad Men" clothing line), and the incredible attention to detail the show carries through out -- down to the telephone ring and the brand of dishwashers in their kitchens -- makes it for something entertaining to absorb.

Recognizing that the show is set in an era where my parents would have been younger than I am, I can't help but wonder how life must have looked to them back then, and how startling different it was for me growing up in the late 80's/early 90's. Scares me a little to think what my children's childhood will be like.

In the end, "The West Wing" will always be my true love, but this is a nice affair.


Erin said...

Isn't it great?! I'm so glad you like it.

The 3rd season starts sometime this summer -- can't wait!

themedianerd said...

I totally agree! My friend Joel told me that I'd like the show, but it took my reading of the NYT Magazine article about Weiner to really get me to turn it on. Now I'm completely hooked. I think I might be having a Mad Men party for the premiere, where we will obviously dress as characters in the show. Want to come?

- Emily

Lauren Effron said...
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Lauren Effron said...

Are you implying that you may be hosting a shindig where I could actually dress from my favorite fashion time period and have it be cool?!?!? YESSSS I want to come!!!