Monday, July 13, 2009

Random summer concerts on the roof during the work day? +1 Discovery

Most people have never heard of Eric Hutchinson, but thanks to Pandora, I have! His song "Rock 'N' Roll" (see below) has gotten me through many late nights of working, baking, or just plain hanging out at home.

I got this email at 2:11 p.m. today saying this...

My reaction: Oh! Eric Hutchinson? Really?
My male coworker's reaction: Oh! Ice cream on the roof? Really?

Apparently TLC just put a deal together to use some of his songs in their promotions and so he was invited to do a small, private concert for Discovery employees on the roof of our building. He said he's also from Takoma Park and went to Blair High School so it was nice to be back home from his tour with Kelly Clarkson.

A few laughs, a few jokes, a song about sprinkles and Discovery employees, and of course at the brief meet and greet, I couldn't help being a little bit of a celeb hog:

Hey, he offered.

It was a nice surprise in the middle of the work day and good music, nonetheless. I didn't want to be a total weirdo and run up front (although two other women did so I didn't feel so bad thinking about it!), so my video is a little grainy. Enjoy what I enjoyed:


Erin said...

That's SO random and fabulous -- I really like his music, too.

What a nice break from work too. :)

jen4fun said...

holy cow! i think i went to high school with his brother - alex! they look kind of similar ..... just recently found your blog lauren and i love it!

-jen (choi)