Monday, July 20, 2009

Snapshots from a Lazy Afternoon Bike Ride

I took these while riding my bike around my neighborhood in Cambridge (without stopping, okay, except for one). Surprisingly, most of the photos came out. Sunday was one of the most beautiful, mild July days ever and it was so wonderful to take a lazy bike ride next to the Choptank River.

You can make out the Choptank River Bridge in the background.

We call these 'resident geese' because these Canadian geese stay year round.

Tad got really tired of my taking pictures haha.

But was good for one.

My favorite street in the whole neighborhood -- Hambrooks Blvd.


Tad said...

i've never looked more attractive

Erin said...

When I come visit (and I will), can we go biking? Pleeeeease?!

ndc1520 said...

I would also like to come biking too. And my bike is still at my parent's house so it makes even more sense.

Lauren Effron said...

Everyone come bike riding!