Friday, July 31, 2009

80's Ladies

When a friend suggests we all get together and head out to 80's night at a bar you've never been to before, it always sounds like a great idea in theory, and inevitably turns into an awkward night.

Especially when you're the one dressed to the nine's in Madonna wear (as prompted by said friend that we must all dress up) and almost everyone else is in normal clothes. And your crew of friends makes up half the people in the bar. And a weird mid-aged British guy saunters up to tell you and your girl friend have "the best bums in this whole place by far."

And somehow the awkwardness reached such a pinnacle point that all that was left to do was dance with somebody and just like a prayer, IIII haddddd the time of my life....

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Anonymous said...

Affffriccccca!!! :)