Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 P.M. on Sunday Updated!

I told Erin, I need to start finding more interesting things to do on Sundays because I'm starting to run out of things in my apartment and/or my parents' house to photograph.

View our photos HERE. Doesn't Erin's photo look like it should be a poster?

Which got her and I talking. I was in the market for a Paris poster for a certain someone who probably wants something absolutely predictable and iconic of Paris -- the Effel Tower, what else? -- and it's funny to me that out of the thousands I searched through, these are the ones that stood out to me:

Okay I'm biased with that last one, but it's the door that caught my attention. Sigh. I'm more like my mother everyday because my thought process went like this: "Oh those are beautiful. I wish I could make money taking and selling photos of scenes like this. These would be perfect in the kitchen of my future home."

I've always loved photography and I want so badly to have the time and patience to be really good at it. I often feel awkward when I'm taking "artsy" photos in public places and will stop when I feel too overwhelmed or embarrassed. I think I would feel less so if I had something more professional looking than my digital point-and-shoot.

Or perhaps it's my setting. Erin talks about how it's fairly easy for her to take such photos in Korea because she already stands out so much as a foreigner that the locals will stare at her regardless.

Either way, I'm so glad to have started and continued this joint photo project with Erin because it forces me to shape and play with my photo-taking abilities. And maybe one day I'll hang my own art in my kitchen.

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