Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back into the swing of things

Climbing back into the saddle after a nasty bout with what I'm assuming was food poisoning -- took two whole days, Thursday and Friday, to keep food down and feel relatively back to normal -- I've come off fresh from a relaxing country weekend and a slamming work day yesterday.

I finally rallied from the sickness late Friday night, which was a relief because I had been planning a tubing trip in the Shenandoah on Saturday for a month. But with violent storms in the forecast all weekend promising to ruin the trip...

Can you tell I'm fascinated by clouds?

and not knowing how I felt about laying in the sun on a tube for hours on end after being sick, I canceled the trip, loaded up my car and drove through torrential rains to Tad's family's lake house in Henderson, Md.

The rest of Friday night was fairly uneventful and quiet until Anthony mistook a can of V-8 for a root beer and knocked all sorts of breakable things out of the fridge in his haste to have his favorite soda. Stu still hasn't let him live it down.

Then the driving rains began, bringing small forest frogs up to the house. At one point, we counted four just on the front stoop.

A break in the weather on Saturday led us on a two hour quest for Waffle House after getting turned around in Dover for miles and miles, a stop at the Amish Store for fresh veggies and $1 ice cream scoops (there's actually an enormous Amish community in Caroline County, Maryland -- complete with horse and buggies), and finally back to the house for our first fishing trip of the summer.

Yes, I fish. With red toe nail polish and small diamond earrings on and all. However, I did make the boys clean out the canoe though because last time, Tad found a black widow and a wolf spider, both the size of his fist and I can't handle that.

Canoe cleaned, and shoved off the bank with a cooler of beer and bait, two fishing poles and three people trying not to tip it over (our other friend, Stu, stayed behind to work), we were on our way out into the lake despite another round of thunder faint in the distance. At least the cloud cover kept us cool.

It's very difficult to take pictures while holding a fishing pole at the front end of a medium-sized canoe you happen to be sharing with two full grown boys. Not to mention the constant fear of spiders missed by the hose suddenly sneaking out of hiding places.

Evening rolled through and so did more violent thunderstorms, so the four of us retreated to the basement for ping pong. I'm lightning fast...

Stu is just destructive...

Sunday morning, I drove down to Cambridge for an early birthday celebration with my little sister and my parents. Leslie and I are four years, four days apart -- I'm Aug. 31 and she's Sept. 3 -- but she's leaving for college this week and so we celebrated together before she left with brunch and a beautiful cake Mom picked up from Bay Country Bakery.

After which, Leslie and I feeling stuffed and desperately needing a walk, took the big dog down the street to the river for a swim.

All in all another relaxing, quiet weekend -- which was nice after being sick but has also definitely been my mantra this summer. With the real birthday celebration coming up this weekend and potential plans of a pool party or other adventures on Sunday, perhaps future posts will be more exciting.

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Tad said...

its a shame you didn't have room to post pictures of all the gigantic fish we caught. oh wait....sigh.