Thursday, August 6, 2009

Huh, That's Weird

Two nights ago, I dreamed that the sorcerer Jafar (yes, from Aladdin) and I were in a heated battle in a big, orange clay palace. We were fighting to the death with saifs. I woke up before I found out who won, but I will say Jafar is very, very tall in real life.

Last night, I dreamed I was a back-up dancer in Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video and me and B were best buds.

Mitch Hedberg, in all of his infinite wisdom, was right about this one too: "I hate dreaming because when you want to sleep, you want to sleep. Dreaming is work. Next thing you know, I have to build a go-cart with my ex-landlord."


Brittany Borghi said...

A+ post for the Hedberg ref. I would enjoy an "Always Mitching" edition of Always Fishing on all the ways that sweet, sweet hippie fits into life.

Tad said...

i TOUCHED him!!!

Lauren Effron said...