Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Musings

I made a new friend in an unusual way and it's sad that this is so unusual nowadays. After running into my dad back at home last week, Julia, another young professional Eastern Shore native, realized she and I have been working in the same building all summer and had never met. Without any prompting, she sent me an email, introduced herself and offered to get coffee. I accepted and before too long into the conversation, it was obvious we had much in common. Much like how Erin and I became fast friends, it was so nice to connect with someone in real life in the normal fashion of sitting down and having a conversation face-to-face. I feel like it's so rare for those connections to happen these days and I was truly touched by Julia reaching out to me.

Earlier that morning, around the first cup of coffee, I was on the Friday News Feedbag Discovery podcast. I think I come off a little snotty, but it didn't keep me from laughing at myself.

I went home to the Shore again this weekend to attend my 5-year high school reunion. Spending a lazy day by the pool turned into getting all dolled up and heading out to a local old man's pub called Finish Line. It was disappointing that so few people showed up -- even our class president didn't make an appearance -- but I did get to see a few familiar faces and awkwardly catch up on their engagements, weddings and pregnancies. It was a bit surreal for me, as you can imagine, since I'm not doing any of those currently.

Too hot to do anything else but lay by the pool. I managed to pull myself off the pool float to snap some photos for Erin and my 3p.m. on Sunday photo blog. Including this one of Ollie...

Oh yeah, you can't handle the cuteness. Sigh, part of me goes home so much just to have dogs to play with.

Saw District 9. It was... entertaining. I'll just say that I can certainly understand why it's gotten so much hype because the story line is weird, engaging, the cinematography is the best I've ever seen for a "mock-u-mentry," and not once did CGI look so obviously CGI that you were disappointed. But the sci-fi subject matter overall was not my cup of tea and there were definitely points where I thought I was going to be sick. I'm forcing Tad to take me to see either "500 Days of Summer" or "Time Traveler's Wife" in retaliation.

This was what Route 50 looked like at 65 mph as I was leaving town to head back to D.C...

It's a brand new week and my baby sister starts her freshman year of college in 10 days. I'll be 23 in 14 days. This year has truly flown by as I'm already shopping for fall weather clothing while yearning to hang on to lazy summery beach days for as long as possible.

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