Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All sports, all the time...

Made final updates to Fantasy Football team
Went to the Maryland vs. Middle Tennessee home game
Watched Tad play Madden on xBox

Made final tweaks to Fantasy Football team
Went to the Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox home game
Stole glaces at the Redskins vs. Rams at the bar at Camden Yards
Watched Tad play Madden on xBox

That was this past weekend. It was almost identical to my previous weekend and this coming weekend will also be an exact repeat minus going to Baltimore for an O's game.

Fall is sports season, no escape. Even my 3p.m. on Sunday blog has been infiltrated (okay so not my most glorious picture, but there really isn't a lot you can take a picture of discreetly in a ball park that isn't the usual zoom of an outfielder or batter).

I even caved and joined my first fantasy football league. I have no idea what I'm doing but for now, the "What the Effs" are 1-1.

Don't get me wrong, who doesn't love a good tailgate to gear up before a collective chant of "Hey, You Suck!" or the child-like hopefulness of catching a foul ball -- we actually came pretty close, the woman two rows in front of us caught one -- I know I do. But my heart can't help but sink a little knowing that come this weekend, and every weekend for the next few months, when the prospect of going to Eastern Market, or kayaking, or touring the Capitol again, or going to a museum is dropped because "oh yeah, there's a game on."

Given this, starting this week, I've made an effort to try to go to a museum or something equally uplifting outside the usual happy hour during the week after work. The snag is it can be limiting given that I usually get off work between 5:30-6pm and live minimum 30 minutes from any of the D.C. museums, which almost all close at 5. I did make a note of three that stay open until 7 p.m. -- National Portrait Gallery, American Art Museum, Gallery at 1111 -- thank you, Washington Post Going Out Guide, but that's as far as I've gotten for now.

Calling all D.C. gurus, any other suggestions you might have for me are definitely appreciated, especially if you'd like to join me.


Erin said...

Um... heck ya! It's ON during the weekends!

Emily said...

Can I join you on your museum venture? Let me know when/where!

Happy Punctuation Day!