Friday, September 4, 2009

Leaving my mark

I got word yesterday that my name was engraved on the Omicron Delta Kappa fountain after waiting for two years post-induction into the leadership honor society. The fountain sits on the center of campus as a striking, prominent feature on University of Maryland's mall.

I was pretty exciting to see my name etched in stone to (hopefully) leave my mark on campus forever. And ever.

Another way I've left my mark this week is that video I worked on about my dad's office that I described earlier finally went live. WATCH IT HERE. I thought it made electronic health records sound enthralling, but then again I may be a little biased :)

And finally, Erin updated our 3 p.m. on Sunday photo blog. We were both actually out and about this past weekend! Incredible!

Long weekend plans prove to be quiet once again. I'm trekking home to the Shore for the last weekend my parents' pool is open and maybe even head down to visit my sister at college (she's been calling me on a daily basis to see if I will come see her dorm room).

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Kelvin Robinson said...

that's pretty baller status leffron, congrats!