Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My coworkers hate playing the age game with me

Me: Hey! How was your vacation? You were in Yellowstone right?
Coworker: Yeah, it was great. Beautiful. Relaxing. Took tons of photos.
Me: Sounds awesome.
CNN on coworker's office TV pops up with a story: 'Yellowstone remains open despite wildfiles.'
Coworker: Wow, yeah, we just missed all of that! Hey, do you remember that devistating fire they had out there back in '89?
Me: Ummm... no.
Coworker: Really? It was all over the news?
Me: You don't want to know how old I was in '89.
Coworker: Oh, that's right, you were like 12 or something, right?
Me: I was 3.
Coworker: Get out of my office.


Elise said...

hahaha C'mon, Lauren, even I remember the fire in 89.

Sam Laz said...

My co-workers also hate to play the age game with me. They were talking about Prince and his "Purple Rain" album, and I interjected with a fun fact.
They asked me if I had it when it came out, but I mentioned I wasn't even born yet.

They told me to never talk again.

Jess said...

Bahaha it happens all the time to me too!

Tad said...


Kelvin Robinson said...

hahaha, this happens on a daily basis in my newsroom