Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This year has truly been a year like no other as I went into day 5 -- or was it 6 -- of birthday celebration. From having birthday brunch and cake with my family last weekend, to bringing in said cake leftovers to work, to a Saturday night bash at a bar in Adam's Morgan this past weekend, to brunch with Tad's family on Sunday, to my actual birthday when I was lucky enough to visit my parents for a few hours, to today where my office presented me a cake all ablaze, to still more friends promising birthday drinks still needing to be purchased. Phew!

One co-worker and my mom joke I need to pace myself before I slip into a diabetic coma.

It's been wonderful -- and I'm grateful -- for these small pockets of celebrations with friends and family who nowadays are scattered all over the place. The cake at work especially blew me away. So did many of the gifts I received -- all so personal and thoughtful, either tied to an inside joke or something special. Not to mention the 100+ Facebook messages, phone calls and text messages wishing me to have a great day.

It's hard not to reflect on the kindness of all these people who thought to take a few minutes to a whole evening to say, "Hey, you're awesome, we love you, happy birthday." It's been one of the most meaningful turning a year older events for me ever and I've been so touched.

It has been a whirlwind these past few days. On Saturday, Tad, a few work friends and I trekked out to Great Falls, Virginia for a few hours of hiking. It was humid, but absolutely beautiful. Mostly it was nice just to have a day trip out of the city and out of the apartment.

Sunday was more relaxed. Tad and I had brunch with his family, then I went into D.C. to get my hair cut and recolored (I swear the blonde streak started to grow back in grey), and we finished the weekend off with dinner on the roof, watching the sunset.

Monday, my actual birthday, I had the unique pleasure of not only going out on a video shoot -- something I hadn't done since Thanksgiving time -- but also going to a video shoot on the shore to interview my parents about electronic medical records for our technology site (my dad's office is in the process of switching over). So I was out of the office mostly, got to see my parents on my actual birthday and was handed a huge pan of mom-made smores brownies upon leaving. +3! Rolling back into Silver Spring, Tad picked me up after his night class and we headed out to Cheesecake Factory for some late dessert.

Today, a beautiful sheet cake with candles lit and "Happy Birthday, Lauren" icing rolled into our afternoon meeting, followed by a happy hour with good friends.

Future plans include more dinners, drinks, a rescheduled tubing trip, possibly kayaking and Tad has promised a bike tour of Gettysburg. All in all, it's going to be a hard birthday to top.

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Erin said...

I'll treat you to a much-belated birthday burrito.