Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA = Very Messy Awards

Thank God for social networking sites to keep me in the loop of scandalous and just down right strange events that happen on trivial award shows that I have no interest in watching myself.

Both Twitter and Facebook blew up over Kanye West and Lady Gaga on MTV's Video Music Awards last night, so much so that MTV already had a video montage of the "VMA 2009: Most Talked About Moments" online by 11 p.m. (the show started at 9 p.m.).

Even though Lady Gaga fake bled to death in the middle of her performance of "Paparazzi", what's getting more hype is when as country star Taylor Swift was thanking everyone for her winning "Best Female Video" award, and Kanye West came out of nowhere, grabbed the mic away from her and said "Sorry Taylor, I'll let you finish in a minute but Beyonce should have won." The camera then cuts back and forth between a shocked Taylor and a shocked Beyonce.

Like I said, I could care less about awards show but who would do that? As someone who has been deemed a revolutionary in the rap world, Kanye comes off as such a child when he tries to make up for his small stature with these outbursts (I met him in person once and he came up to my chin. I'm 5'7".).

BTW -- Beyonce ended up winning "Best Video Overall" so again, get over yourself.

And who ever thought Lady Gaga could top her own weirdness. Shock and aw, but she's done it.

Watch both moments here:


Tad said...

if lady gaga's point was to ruin the minature amount of sex appeal that she had by making me want to throw up every time i hear her name mentioned now, then bravo.

Lauren Effron said...

LOL. Well said, sir.

Brandon said...

i have never been more proud to be out of touch with pop culture than i am now