Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Are What You Eat

One of my friends and coworkers, Betty, sent me this hilarious photo blog about the insides of refrigerators of people from several different professions. My favorites are the all the take-out boxes in the bartender's fridge, college kids and retired train conductor. The one of the contractor really grosses me out.

See it in full here: Picture Show - You Are What You Eat.

Here's what the inside of my fridge looks like... and this was taken right after I had gone to the store.

So what does my fridge say about me?
Occupation: Associate News Producer, Digital Media, Discovery Channel.
City: Washington, DC
Household: 3-Person
I have an eclectic taste in alcohol as you can see from my one corona, one bottle of wine, one PBR. I like to cook because who else but a cooking machine would have both chicken and beef stock in their fridge at the same time (see white and blue boxes in the bottom left). The big blue bowl is full of freshly made gazpacho, by the way. And finally, everyone in my apartment is obviously big fans of condiments.

What does your fridge say about you?

In other photo news... Erin updated our 3 p.m. on Sunday photo blog earlier this week and I just kept forgetting to post it. Mine was taken when Tad was counting change to put into coin rolls. Her's was taken when her laundry was drying. Both of us, clearly, had exciting Sundays, but I do think it's one of our best Sunday tandem photo yet.


Tad said...

the one of the contractor grosses you out? what about the one of the female short order cook who can bench press over 300 lbs and has a PYTHON IN HER FREEZER!!!!!

Tad said...

correction...editor noted in the comments: It is a Bull Snake. I met this woman out in the desert. She had plans to make a walking stick out of the snake and still had not gotten around to it! She was pretty wild.

Roberto said...

how dare you violate my privacy like this?! you're exposing me to the world!

disclaimer: the PBR on the second shelf is NOT mine.