Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Google 'Bar Code'

I'm sure you've all noticed by now that the Google logo today is a bar code.

Why? Today is the 57th anniversary of the invention of the bar code patent. Seriously! Read the story HERE.

And while I find that to be a very odd anniversary number to celebrate (why not wait until the big 6-0) you can still have fun turning your name into a bar code. There's a website that will let you take any word, phrase and generate it into a bar code, just for fun.

Here's what "Lauren Effron" looks like:

Try it out for yourself HERE.

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Anonymous said...

As i know,on October 7, 1952, inventors Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver were granted the first patent for their invention. The only difference between the bar code we know today and the one Woodland and Silver invented was that it was comprised of a series of concentric circles, not the 59 black-and-white vertical lines synonymous with the current design.
Word barcode