Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mmm Mmm Good

This was full-fledged food weekend. And it was delicious.

Tad and I make an effort to try a new place to eat around our neighborhood at least once a week. We've lived in our new apartment for a few months now, but we have yet to repeat a restaurant or cafe. Usually, we try to meet up for lunch on Fridays to have this "try a new thing" date, but with the past two weeks being so crazy for both of us, we waited until today and did brunch instead.

Jackie's in Silver Spring was the place we tried. With its enormous heart-shaped, lime green and bubble gum pink sign, and thick orange curtains, Tad and I had avoided it until today. Especially after my mother had declared, "that place looks like a gay bar," when she came to visit.

It took a recent "Top 100 Restaurants Around D.C." review to change our minds and look them up online. Come to find out, Jackie's had been named a top 100 restaurant in the area three years in a row now. And, according to their website, the owners of Jackie's also own my favorite dive bar, Quarry House, so really, how could we go wrong?

What was formerly a car garage turned restaurant, Jackie's was wall-to-wall covered in the same lime green and bubble gum pink as their sign, so god help anyone with a hang over that ventures over there, but the brunch menu was rather reasonable. I sprung for an Eggs Benedict, which I never get, but was enticed with their substitution of prosciutto for regular sliced ham and toasted rye bread for the English muffin. Tad ordered a delicious mushroom, onion and some sort of exotic, tantalizing cheese omelette.

Not meaning to turn this post into a complete restaurant review, I'll just say that we'll probably end up back there again sometime in the future, once we finish making our rounds.

Aside from brunch, I spent my weekend at a sushi/karaoke bar in Dupont on Friday night for Simone's birthday -- which was sort of funny and ironic because Simone works for the KidSafe Seafood campaign -- and while it may sound like a horrible idea, it was actually pretty fun. Saturday, I met up with Sam Laz and headed out towards Eastern Market for another new food experience and farmer's/flea market fun.

We went to Spike from Top Chef's burger joint, Good Stuff Eatery, (my first time) and man oh man was it ever the best burger I've ever had. I'm not big food snob when it comes to organic vs. non... but let me tell you, there was nothing more incredible about this burger than the taste of organic beef, lettuce, tomato, onion on a soft buttery roll.

Top it off with fries served with several different kinds of mayo dips -- including Old Bay, ahh home -- and the thickest chocolate milk shake ever... oh goodness. I never wanted it to end and I was full for the rest of the day. Seriously, you know me. I eat constantly, but after that meal, the only thing I had before bed was a salad at home and only because I felt like I had to.

To sum up the weekend would be for me to say that it was calm and full-filling. I committed several deadly sins -- gluttony, drink, etc. -- and yet still feel refreshed and relaxed. Job well done, weekend.

Photos are from their respective restaurant websites. I forgot my camera :(


Simone said...

ive been wanting to check out jackies! and good stuff is AMAZING!

Tad said...

i should not have read the post before lunch much delicoiusness!