Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Never gonna give you up...

I discovered today that several of my coworkers have never heard of being Rick Roll'd. "What's Rick Roll'd?" they ask me? As if the international phone pank and then internet pank sensation hasn't been out for years.

It was even in the news today for goodness sakes... yet another justification not to have an iPhone. Sigh. Just keep telling yourself its okay not to have an iPhone.

What to do with this glorious gem of information? Become that girl who sends out horrible spam emails? Nahh, needed to be more sneaky and less annoying than that.

Being too busy to go nuts with it, and not wanting to break key work relationships, I ended up just IMing two coworkers individually saying, "Hey, can you check out this story and see if you think it's a good idea? We're having a heated debate on my team about it right now: Find out how scientists got lost in an ice cave trying to find the world's coldest spot." and then of course they said "uhh wtf!?!?" and I immediately followed it up with a classy: "YOU'VE JUST BEEN RICK ROLL'D!!!! Have a nice day."

BTW if you clicked on that link, you're a total sucker. Not you, Mom and Dad. I'll explain it to you some other time.

Oh the things that get me through the work day...

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