Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Please remember to thaw your turkeys

I'll be filling in for James tomorrow on the Discovery News podcast, Friday News Feedbag.

I setup an interview with a chemistry professor from Georgetown to explain to us on the show why a turkey will explode in a huge fire ball if you put it in a deep fryer before it's completely thawed.

Tad promptly told me tonight that his family bought a turkey deep fryer today because they thought it might be fun and interesting to try it out.

I'll be in Tennessee for Thanksgiving so I get zero say in this and my protests are mute.



Tad said...

IM SO EXCITED. and i just can't hide it?

Erin said...

Deep fried turkey?! Whaaaaaa?!

Kelvin Robinson said...

i don't even eat turkey on thanksgiving, but if it were fried i would certainly give it a shot!