Monday, November 16, 2009

Work Moving Day

My fourth desk move in my 19 months here at Discovery was completed this morning. I think I have the most moves among my coworkers if we're going by length of time spent sitting in a single place.

A move entails having everything on and around your desk -- including your chair, computer(s) and cabinets -- moved to a new location and I have to say I've continued to be impressed with how I've never had anything misplaced. I will also say that I think this move was for the better because finally the entire digital team is on one single floor, making it much easier to track down people and things.

Most of my desk stuff is still in bins -- and I have a lot of crap. I basically took anything that I had in my old dorm room that didn't go in my apartment I brought into work to decorate my desk with. Think the flamingo lamp and Margaritaville sign.

So far I've only dived in to unpack the essentials: tissues, coffee cup, pen.

The rest will soon follow.

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