Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Dollar Tree Christmas

Speaking of Christmas trees...

I decorated our apartment for Christmas for $6. SIX DOLLARS!!! That's gotta be some sort of record. Just excuse that the artificial tree was a hand-me-down from Tad's parents, and the adorable plush snowman holding the wreath was a gift from a neighbor, and the snowflake ornaments were made from printer paper I had lying around that was probably about $5.95 a pack at some point... but still... SIX DOLLARS!!!

Who knew Dollar Tree could be such a treasure trove of cheap but half-decent christmas ribbon, decorative balls, garland, even Christmas lights!?! And then they had Santa bells, and wreaths and gift wrap paper for your front door... it can get dangerous when everything is marked down for $1 each.

When I began contemplating buying an entire village of ceramic cookie cutter houses and ice skater figurines -- not to mention my mom was at my side, encouraging me and saying "oh my goodness, how cute!" -- that's when I knew I had to get out of there.

I think the end result wasn't so Christmas-on-your-face as I had envisioned, still a few steps up from last year though.

Paper snowflake and ribbon made into bows are my ornaments. I'm such a crafty little girl scout.

Garland on our balcony. Along with our poor tomato and herb garden

And finally, I couldn't let the wine rack feel left out.

Wasn't it appropriate that the day I finally got around to taking these pictures was also the day it snowed? Tad heard somewhere it has snowed in the D.C. area every Dec. 5 for the past 5 years. Crazy right?

It's been a nice weekend too. I met up with Erin, Simone and Allie after work at Mayorga Coffee on Friday to hear one of Allie's coworkers, Juliet Lloyd, perform. I was a nice way to unwind. Juliet is a singer/songwriter who has had her music featured on a few tv shows, including The Hills, and I thought she had a similar sound to Sara Bareilles, only sweeter.

Saturday was spent playing in the snow and braving the elements to head over to Nick's Christmas party extravaganza in Ballston (my homemade cheese ball shaped like a pineapple was a huge hit). I know, so domestic. But certainly, Christmas is in full swing around here.


Erin said...

Aw, your place looks so cute!

caboose said...

Great decorations! Happy Holidays to you and Tad!