Thursday, December 31, 2009

Entering a new decade tomorrow

Well, I finally made a decent dent in the four cakes and pies my mother sent me home with post-Christmas. We're talking cheesecakes and pounds of buttercream icing. Thank god for hungry co-workers and friends.

Still, this is why I'm going to gain 500 pounds before the end of the week, and then will be forced to make a New Years resolution to lose it all -- and I don't believe in New Years resolutions (can't stand the disappointment).

A good friend of mine made a New Years resolution as 2008 rolled over into 2009 that she would not spend money on new clothes for the whole year. She excluded essentials like new underwear and socks, seemed fair, and shoes -- I thought this was pushing it. She claims she broke her resolution while Christmas shopping, when buying something for family members turned into things marked "To: Me, From: Me," but I gave her a break. Fifty straight weeks of not buying any new clothes, from one girl to another, is commendable. Keeping a New Years resolution for 50 straight weeks, from one person to another, is commendable. In the end, although tempted constantly, she said she felt refreshed and proud of herself for resisting.

For me, it's easier to default to this life mantra a la Dad (or perhaps a fortune cookie) : Just keep going forward. Always seems to work.

Tad and I just got back from being out and about on this New Years Eve, which included a stop at our favorite coffeehouse, Mayorga in Silver Spring. They're closing their doors today because "recent building construction strongly hindered the foot traffic" for them to survive.

Even though they're a local chain (eight other locations in total) it's always sad to see a neighborhood staple close down. Even more said for me because there goes the convenience of good coffee, free live music and large, comfy leather chairs out my back door.

Still, 2010 is looking up for me. I'm already in discussions with various friends to plan trips to Savannah, San Diego, Outer Banks and Iceland. Hard to believe we're entering a new decade tomorrow -- perhaps I'll finally write my novel or paint something to hang in the living room. First things first, let's get drunk.

Happy New Year everyone!


caboose said...

Delightful blog although the "let's get drunk" closing brings me to

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

With best wishes for you to "Win in 2010!"

Happy New Year!

Erin said...

Spring break 2010 = Australia!!

Simone said...

theyre CLOSING mayorga??? good thing i checked it out when i did! what are they putting there?

Lauren Effron said...

I know it's so sad. There's not really anywhere else around our building where we can hang out anymore.

Ron Williams said...

Sad to see that Mayorga close there was a Drupal (software I work on) meetup there about a year ago. There is a new Mayorga planned in Takoma Park near the metro station which is close to where I work! Since the place with the best latte shut down, it has been hit or miss with drinks.