Thursday, December 24, 2009

Everywhere there's a feeling of Christmas...

You want to know something that's not smart? Sticking a brand new, unopened bottle of wine in the freezer, then going to bed and completely forgetting about it until the next morning, because this is what happens...

On the shelf is the wine, foil still on, cut out in a perfect circle from where the cork came shooting out, and yes, beneath it is the cork and icy wine chunks.

I've heard of beer cans exploding in the freezer, but who knew a bottle of wine would too! I guess the alcohol content isn't high enough.

So we've had our spirits... how about some music? I thought this was hysterical, but I think mostly because it reminded me of Monty Python (Merry Christmas, Mom).

Can't forget about the gifts... and this story cutes me right out. What tops the list on most asked for item in letters to Santa this Christmas? Dinosaurs.

And finally, a story about the "baffling" evolution of elves from cute, woodland creatures to fully-armored, ripped soldiers (Merry Christmas, LOTR and Warcraft obsessives).

Working a short day today and then I'll be heading home to my parents house for the holiday. Merry Christmas!

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