Monday, December 28, 2009

I [Was] Home For Christmas

I promised my mom and sister I wouldn't put Christmas morning pictures of them on my blog since they were taken pre-bedhead fixing, so here's what I can offer to recap the holiday.

It's a gingerbread puppy! Actually, Holly is about 18 years old, no exaggeration.

Another one of our puppies, Oliver, jealous of Holly's swanky Christmas sweater.

Christmas breakfast, pancake puffs with chunky apple jelly from the famous SaraBeth's.

Now that us kids are grown, my mom banished the handmade preschool ornaments to our boxes and mostly Old World ornaments are the only ones allowed. Makes for a pretty tree, nonetheless.

My favorite photo, table setting for Christmas dinner with Grandma's china.
I was sad to see the deluge of rain we got on the shore washed away most of the 'white' in our white Christmas, but it was still wonderful to escape D.C. for a few days to catch up with family and old friends.
I spent Saturday night, the day after Christmas, at a local bar in my hometown with some old high school buddies, catching up on who had bought property, who had gotten engaged over Christmas, who was already married, who was pregnant and who was trying to get pregnant. It's a whole other world back where I'm from than what I've grown accustomed to living here, and yet, life seems normal in both places.

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caboose said...

Loved these photos - thanks for the memories.