Monday, December 21, 2009

'Who brings a gun to a snowball fight?'

Apparently, that's how they roll on 14th Street and U in D.C.

This story began over the weekend but video was released this morning and it's blowing up everywhere.

First this happened, a cute, SWEET story about a D.C. snowball fight that was passed around via Twitter, sort of awesome if you think about it because over 200 people showed up: DC SNOWPOCALYPSE GUERRILLA SNOWBALL FIGHT 2009!!

and then this happened!!!!: D.C. snowball fight 'fun and games' until gun appears because a plain-clothed POLICE OFFICER got his nose bent out of shape when some kids threw snowballs at his Hummer.

Okay, look copper man, first of all, identify yourself as a cop!!! No one would have messed with you! Second, you're in a freakin' Hummer for goodness sake -- the closest thing to a civilian TANK. Is a powdery snowball really going to hurt your car so much that you felt compelled to leave your vehicle and get in their faces?

Hmm... I guess we'll just roll the tape...

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