Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple, Tapping into Women?

Presenting, the iPad. Apple's latest tech creation. Doesn't this product seem so unnecessary? It doesn't solve any of my technology meshing problems.

It's a giant iPhone, right? To me it seems like a 15" laptop with the screen laid into the keyboard. Aren't you just begging to have the glass scratched and cracked, or covered in greasy fingerprints? I know I'm constantly wiping my touch screen phone on my sleeve or pants.

Plus, This is exactly what I thought of when I heard Apple's announcement of the iPad. Thank you, NPR for putting my thoughts together so eloquently for me.

Other names that were circling around -- iTablet, iSlate -- conjured up images of debating Roman senators and solid pieces of rock. Cool, yet indestructible and timeless.

iPad = brain reads as 'digital feminine product.' At the time of this post, 'iTampon' was already a trending topic on Twitter.

Prediction: It'll be a huge deal for about a month, then considered a failure.

Photo courtesy of Apple.


Víglaský said...

Very good article and interesting blog.

Lauren Effron said...


Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat) said...

Agreed! I *love* my iMac, love my iPod, love my iPhone -- but I'm all "i"'d out. This looks cool if you don't have any other products but for most people, it just seems redundant.

Lauren Effron said...

I actually think the "i" thing is smart branding on their part because you immediately know who produced the product if there's an "i" in front of the name. I just think this particular name needs a lot of work haha.

Tad said...

i don't know if it'll be considered a is selling pretty well and this is basically kindle + iphone. but not the shocking "wow, i HAVE to have it" that i expected...