Monday, January 4, 2010

Ringing it in strong

Despite absolute, beyond-belief, frigid temperatures outside, I did not spend my first weekend of 2010 hibernating between a fluffy comforter and a heated mattress pad as planned. No, I was out and about, sporting my Eskimo shoes even (these FANTASTIC faux fur waterproof thermal boots my dad got me for Christmas. Beyond amazing).

The night of New Years, Tad and I took our first trip to the AFI Theatre to see 'Up In The Air.' It's not that we have anything against the AFI, loved the atmosphere, but mostly they host indie or foreign films so it's rare that a movie would come along that we both would be interested in. Enter 'Up in the Air' starring George Clooney. Loved it. The cuts, the quips, the open ending. Brilliant.

I'll say this about foreign films. I wish I could enjoy them. I certainly admire people who do, but unless I know and understand the language the movie is in, then I can't stand them. It's the subtitles. I get so annoyed when I see a TV with closed captioning because I end up reading the words and not watching the picture -- same with foreign films. What's the point then? I'd rather just read a book.

I just lost at least a handful of college friends for saying that.

It's okay though, I'm about to make up for it in food, because with food I have no lack of adventure.

My entire Saturday afternoon was spent at Domku Cafe, a Scandinavian restaurant in the Petworth area of all places. This warm, cozy, charming little house (that's what 'domku' means) was across the street from a funeral home and a pawn shop, yet it looked like something right out of a European village. Or at least Brooklyn.

Upon recommendation from our waitress, Kasey, her friend Melissa and I gorged ourselves on the meatball dish and bread pudding, finishing it off with sips from licorice-sweet Absinthe (the legal kind that's pretty much a tangy liqueur) martinis -- a combination I only suggest if you're planning on sitting around for a couple of hours. Otherwise, inte god ('not good' in Swedish).

I met my good friend Erin for lunch and a visit to the National Portrait Gallery in Chinatown on Sunday. Erin is anyone's best museum buddy, and certainly mine. Not only is she an absolute nut for art and history, she's knowledgeable about specific artists and their work, and she doesn't mind if you comment on a painting or a sculpture because she's itching to have a discussion about it anyway. For someone like me who is almost entirely right-brained with left-brain urges to learn, it works out well.

Here are a few photos I took while we were there...

Ceiling in the great hall of champions

I think I stared at this painting for at least 15 minutes to convince myself it wasn't a photograph.

Comments people left in the guest book, mostly children.

This is one of my favorites. For reasons I cannot explain, I have a fascination with windows and how people turn them into beautiful works of art: mirrors, coat hangers, mosaics, shadow boxes. This piece was titled something like "A Touch of Winter" and it was two windows glued together and filled with dried grass, feathers, a hat, glove, keys and a few other knick knacks. It reminded me of those I Spy children's books.

So now that this has turned into an epic post, I'll sign off here and simply say that so far 2010 is moving forward well.


Erin said...

Your photo of the ceiling turned out beautifully!

Simone said...

A. you have now made it my mission to convert you into a foreign film junkie

B. where is the scandinavian love to check it out!