Saturday, February 6, 2010

And Snow It Begins

SNOWpocalypse. SNOWmageddon. SNObliteration. SNObomination. SNObama. SNOgasm.

My favorite is still the one my coworker came up with: Snowtorious B.I.G., but snOMG! also holds a special place in my heart.

Lots of names for the TON of snow we got dumped on us in the past 36 hours. AGAIN.

Tad and I went out walking around in it today and it was definitely a more violent storm than Round 1. No, not this little storm earlier this week. THIS storm from December, where 18 inches of big cotton-like flakes fell at incredible speeds. This storm from today was like wave after wave of icy, hard snow creating fantastic snow drifts and other hazards. Still, we were able to have fun with the 27 inches that fell in our neighborhood.

I'll stop here with the snow details because I know it's the only thing the news has talked about today and show you some fun pictures instead:

Facebook friends, see my profile for more shenanigans.

I was sad to miss out on the enormous snowball fight in Dupont Circle at 2 p.m. (and I was even officially Facebook invited!!!). BTW, AMAZING WaPo video of the action HERE. Maybe if I had some cross country skis I could have made the 8 miles trek, but with half of the Metro system shut down, it wasn't going to happen.

And did you hear we're expected to get more on Tuesday night/Wednesday? The aftermath from this monster won't even be melted by then. Insane right? What is going on?!?! AH! Must go buy bread!

I called my aunt, who is in Miami right now for the Super Bowl. She said to tell you all, "It's beautiful, 81 degrees and sunny here! And I'm sorry."


caboose said...

Great pics - and you gotta' love Aunt Doris!

Simone said...

bummed about missing the superbowl party, college park is holding me hostage!