Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making good use of all this snow

Note: Apologies to readers, future posts may get fewer and far between. Christmas 2010 will mark my computer's 7th birthday and the past few times I've tried to blog -- or really just tried to get past the Welcome security screen -- the poor dear has frozen or crashed or whatever you call it when it's hanging on by its last megabyte threads. Goal is to have a new one purchased by this summer, so bear with me.

I felt fantastic today. Like really, really good. I want to believe it's because I just came back from a refreshing and active skiing/snowboarding long weekend, but it could also be that today I had my first cup(s) of coffee since last Thursday. Woooo flying high.

Tad, Nick, Ruth and I set out for the poconos late Friday evening to the tune of everything on our iPods, from Miley Cyrus to Madonna, from T. Pain to the Temptations, doing whatever possible to get through the four-hour drive to Olyphant, Pa., a suburb of Scranton -- yes, home of The Office. Yes, there are places that do sell Office t-shirts. We ate in one.

Saturday was the big day, delicious homemade subs from M-6 Deli, a place only the Greenleafs and Vice President Biden have ever heard of (probably), and six hours of night skiing at Camelback. I was getting back on skis for the first time since middle school, and Ruth was getting on skis for the first time ever. We were all VERY impressed with how well she did, proving to the world that in fact, her words, "Jews DO ski!"

Snow conditions: AWESOME. The mountain still had almost a foot of fresh snow left over from when the Round 2 blizzard hit the Mid-Atlantic just last week.

People conditions: Surpringly good. The lift lines were fairly short, considering it was a Saturday on a holiday weekend. We only had to watch out for the all the punk ass middle school kids who think they're so cool when they give you the finger as they cut you off on their little punk ass snowboards. One of these days...

No matter, I was back into my skiing grove, just like riding a bike, complete with jumps...

Okay that jump seemed a lot bigger when I was making it.

After waking up on Sunday morning and feeling every muscle in our bodies, we decided to take it easy. Tad and I took the opportunity to show Nick and Ruth some of the downtown Scranton highlights, including lunch at the famed Cooper's (puts Silver Spring's Piratz Tavern to shame) and the "Scranton (WHAT?) The Electric City" sign.

We spent the evening squeezing in a couple more hours of night skiing (I switched back to snowboarding, feeling on top of the world). The four of us then polishing off the weekend with excellent greasy food and a beer sampler (and a few +1's) at Barley Creek Brewing House for a late dinner.
Monday morning, it was time to leave. Even now, after working a full day it seems so weird that about 36 hours ago, I was shredding down mountains and thinking to myself how maybe if I practiced more, maybe I could be competitive for the 2020 winter Olympics. Definitely itching to get back, despite all the snow and cold. We know how to make good use of it.


caboose said...

WHAT FUN! and great pics - love those new ski pants!

Lauren Effron said...

Thanks Dad!