Monday, February 8, 2010

S'now Joke

I was going to blog about Super Bowl Sunday... the story of the Saints' win and Google's commercial completely melted my heart...

But now I'm too distracted by WAVE 3 of 'Sno My Goodness Gracious When Will This Ever End,' or 'Snowpocalypse,' for short. This is getting SNO ridiculous.

Check this out... thanks Melmo for tweeting this. 'That poor little teddy bear didn't stand a chance'...

And no I'm not tired of the snow puns.

Millions of pounds of snow fell on our city. MILLIONS!!! Gotta do something to keep it interesting. Even Capital Weather Gang is now hosting a poll to name this next storm which could bring another FOOT of snow to our region.

What god did we piss off and how can we kiss and make up?

The office was a deserted waste land of 'pods' today (we don't call them cubes because they're more like half horseshoes desk things). I suspect the same will be for the rest of the week with this other storm coming tomorrow. On Friday, dozens of coworkers were milling around aimlessly, looking out the window, making phone calls, taking bets on when they were going to break down and finally go home before the panic got to be too much for them. Dozens more today were now unable of gettting out of their neighborhoods. As one coworker joked, "I'm staying in Virginia, so yeah, I'll see you guys next Monday."

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Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat) said...

Snow puns never get old!

Ahhhh SnowNoMo! Please!