Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who samples 20 minutes of three classes at once? Honestly...

This really made my lunch break.

An article in New York Magazine featured an email exchange between acclaimed NYU business professor Scott Galloway and one of his students who was a HOUR LATE to his Monday night class. Thank you, Tad for sending my way.

Grab the popcorn, and let the email blood bath begin... HERE.

I have to say I think I side with the professor on this one. The student acts like he's never been in an academic institution before.

Moron. How hard is it to ask another student who took the class last semester, "hey, how was that class with Dr. Galloway"? As I recall, NYU's Stern Business School is pretty prestigious so it's not like it would have been overwhelming or even hard to find someone, maybe someone like a T.A. perhaps? The article points this out too.

For all you Maryland broadcast jschool students, doesn't this sound like an email Dr. T would send if any of us ever DARED to show up an hour late to 360/361? I think I would fake death before ever tempting fate with the great one.


Sam Laz said...

Totally agree!
I can just see the Dr. T email now..

Dear Sam,
What were you thinking?! Honestly my dear, if you're going to make it, get yourself together.


Emily said...

Not to be annoying, but it's actually pretty common to sample classes in grad school since you don't get to take that many of them. (I did it a few times, but usually you sit through the entire class...)

But really, who feels that it is necessary to write a professor an e-mail like that, especially if you're not even taking his class? Silliness.

Lauren said...

Ahh point taken, Emily. Thanks!

Melissa said...

Love this! On the print side, this e-mail is definitely not beyond something Crane would write. Especially the "get your shit together" part.