Sunday, March 7, 2010

Founding Farmers

Everyone enjoys a good meal, but I have a few friends who pride themselves on being picky eaters and one in particular who is an absolutely delightful food snob.

Using her advanced palette, she can detect when the shrimp on her salad has been previously frozen then thawed. She can tell when the "gourmet" pizza crust was made fresh that day or shipped in last week. Even when vegetables in stir fry are organic or not.

So imagine my excitement when she first told me about Founding Farmers in D.C. and how their food was some of the best eats she's ever had.

An American cuisine restaurant -- obvious when one of their most prized dishes is fried chicken and waffles -- located across the street from the Mexican embassy, the idea behind Founding Farmers is to work with and purchase from local, organic farms. When products are available, you see them on the menu, and all breads, pastries, even ice cream, are made in house.

Not just good eats, FRESH good eats.

Clearly the secret is out because when I tried to make a reservation last week the hostess told me, "the earliest I can seat you for dinner is 9:15, I suggest you try a walk-in reservation and see if someone cancels." When I went out there this past Thursday night with Simone and Jen, we were faced with a two and half hour walk-in wait, and were lucky enough to squeeze in some chairs at the bar.

I was impressed with the restaurant itself. Mostly light wood and grey fixtures, with small hanging lights over a gorgeous grey stone table. The kind of place you could take your friends out for drinks or impress your in-laws with. I also just found out they're D.C.'s first LEED-certified restaurant, so bonus for all us pro-earth people.

Food: absolutely to die for. Although I completely abused my body and it retaliated later. My heart especially, I'm sure.

To start, I enjoyed a tasty whiskey and orange drink called "Farmer Jon," one the bartender claimed was his favorite. Followed by salami flat bread and mac & cheese with peas and ham (suggestion from sad food snob friend). The best way to describe it is the salami, melt-in-your-mouth. The pasta, velvety soft and the cheese, creamy, smooth and filling.

What did I tell you? But if you're going to indulge, indulge in good food.

I was also intrigued by Jen's ordering the "popcorn of the day" appetizer. Last Thursday's was barbecue. You're probably picturing popcorn covered in sauce but it was more like a slight kick of seasoning. Surprisingly delicious.

I slept so well after that meal, and let me tell you, it's a good thing the closest metro home was 15 blocks away.

Photo courtesy of Founding Farmers. I was a half hour late to dinner so didn't want to stop, and walking out I was too stuffed to function.


Simone said...

we definitely need to go back! try everything on the menu! AND all the cocktails!

Jess said...

Oh man my coworkers and I go here for lunch from time to time. We call ahead to figure out the popcorn flavor of the day hahah.

It's delish!