Thursday, March 25, 2010


I came across a bunch of fun links today, all too short to turn into full posts. Plus these links do the talking for me.

A school in England has been called "The Worst School Ever" for faking a teacher being shot to death in front of dozens of young students. I have to say I don't disagree. Someone is definitely getting fired over this. Or sued.

It's not always fun to get the scoop. As if the health care debockle wasn't complicated enough, Politico and The Atlantic published blogs on "an iffy memo" about health care that was supposedly a secret draft document from some office in the Democratic leadership in Congress. It was a hoax. Well done.

SIDE NOTE: Does anyone else think of balloon boy when they hear or read the word 'hoax,' or am I alone on that one?

Bad photo-op for Pelosi, especially since the Republicans are painting the health care bill town red with her name.

Lingerie football league players were chastised and put on probation for wearing TOO MUCH clothing. Come on, you've got to be true to the game, right?

How to make maps look beautiful and artsy (Allie, this link is for you).

Facebook is just for fun. Twitter is short lived. So head hunters are turning to LinkedIn to see if you're serious about your career.

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