Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day! Wanted to share a few of my favorite quirky Earth Day-related links in honor of love for our great mother. I'll be adding to this throughout the day.

Ellen Degeneres makes clothes from recyclables and then makes poor models walk in them on national TV.

The International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) selected the "Top 40 Nature Photography of all Time." The photos will be auctioned off today by Christie's International, and proceeds will go to various environmental groups. My favorite is the one of the lily pads. I think it looks like a painting. I can't show it here due to copyright issues, but you can view the whole slide show here.

Our solar astrophysicist on staff with my team had the in at NASA and got the most ASTOUNDING photos of our sun from NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory. Better than CNN's slide show for sure ;)
That photo doesn't do it justice though. View the whole slide show here.

And here are nine reasons why Blue is the new Green. I can't help but feel that "green" and "green living" has been so overused and misused that it's becoming obsolete.

Did you know Earth Day turned 40 this year!?

Erin blogged about what you can do for Earth Day and BONUS! There's a Sesame Street clip included!


Simone said...

earth day? try OCEAN day!

caboose said...

Fascinating photos!

Mary Jane said...

Earth Day! So many people are posting about it. The question is, how many millions care for the earth...

How about reforestation? Could be an alternative answer to stop climate change.