Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family and flowers

I've gotten into a bad habit of buying potted plants -- especially flowers -- for the apartment every time I go to Eastern Market, which I would say is about once every few months. Yesterday's trip was no different. Our apartment is practically an atrium now with NINE potted plants and counting. They make the place seem homey and pretty, but it's getting ridiculous and so I've decided we've reached our plant limit. For now.

Plants usually die under my care. Some people call it over watering. I call it smothering with love.

Anyway, here's what I bought yesterday...


Alyssum -- although I call it "the asylum plant" because I can't ever remember "alyssum." The blue thing that it's in is actually a cheap plastic serving platter I bought at Giant.

Peppermint on the left, cilantro on the right. Bought for the purpose of making really excellent homemade mojitos and salsa. Mmmm.

I had raved about the vibrant flea and farmer market in Southeast D.C. so many times that when my parents and little sister came up to visit yesterday for Dad's birthday, that's where they wanted me to take them.

The gorgeous but blustery spring day made lunch at Le Pain Quotidien and weaving through various vendors easy and relaxing. Thing you have to be careful of, or at least I do, is when you start getting sucked into all the unique wares for sale and the line between "oh I need" and "o0o0o I want" becomes very blurry.

An 18th century map of Maryland? We definitely need that. Crazy mirror thing with embellishments? That would look great in the... well... somewhere, I'll find a place for it. This antique record player? Wild! Weird metal sculpture of a flamingo? What I've been wanting my whole life!

Luckily, I managed to escape out of there with only buying plants and three necklaces: one for my mom, my sister and I. They all look similar with small medallions inside a circular shape, just will different amounts of gold and silver and I thought it was a nice bonding item. Here's mine...

Sorry, best I could do with pointing the camera at myself with the flash off.

For Dad, gave him four Orioles tickets packaged in a redwood Cuban cigar box. Also bonding items :)

One funny moment of the day was when my dad ordered a ginger ale at lunch and the waitress said, "ginger ale? We don't have, but we have hoegaarden." Even after I tried to explain to her it was a soda, like Coke or Sprite, her response was "oh you want a Coke?" Poor thing.

Needless to say, it's hard to fail at giving the family a fun D.C. outing when you throw in really good food, artsy stuff, live street music and nice weather. A glorious way to spend a Satuday afternoon.


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It was an absolutely GLORIOUS day! Thanks for putting together such a memorable event.