Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It seems I've become the default holiday blogger on my team, which is sort of funny because most holidays we have in the U.S. today have religious roots and I am not a church goer (outside of a Christmas Eve or Easter Sunday mass once in a blue moon).

However, in the past I've written on the history of Halloween, Marti Gras, St. Patrick and yes, now Easter.

Read this to find out what the Easter Bunny has to do with Jesus. Short answer: Nothing, the Easter Bunny is a pagan symbol.

Interesting too -- and I didn't include this in the Discovery blog because of all the religious fanatics already going to town in the comments section -- but through researching that topic I found one religious history professor's paper that said one of the reasons Easter is a movable holiday is so the Catholic church can pick a Sunday that won't interfere with Passover observances.

Just click on the Easter blog if nothing else than to be cuted out by the photo my coworker lent me of his 3-week-old pet bunnie buns.

Speaking of bunnie buns, allow me to take you back to how I commemorated Easter on this blog last year with GIANT BUNNIES!!!!

And let us not forget that Easter means another edition of WaPo's PEEP Show!

More to come on this blog post later, for now it's time for me to locate my white gloves and wide brimmed hat. Happy Easter!

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