Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MVA headaches and rabbits

No one has a good story about the DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) and in Maryland, it goes by another name - Motor Vehicle Administration - but a rose by any other name still sucks.

Called the MVA today because I had ordered renewal tags for my car about a month ago, but still haven't received the tags within the 10 business day window. However, credit card was charged the $128 the day after I submitted my request.

MVA employee: "oh, well you should have gotten them a week ago. I'll put in a request to have them mailed out to you again."

Me: "Mail them again? Can I just come in to an MVA and pick them up?"

MVA employee: "If you did that, we would charge you a processing fee. Mailing them again is free."

Seriously?!? How does that make sense. My offering to come in is free to you, MVA! What if I end up receiving both tags in the mail eventually? What's stopping me from using the other set of tags on another car, two for one, other than being a solid citizen? Or what if someone else is getting two sets of free tags at my expense?

Alas, another temporary tag to be printed out to get me through the 10 business day allotment once again. So annoying.

In other news, I'm a huge nerd. As I'm struggling through Anna Karina, I'm also re-reading Watership Down in tandem as a relief from strife in the Soviet. I was having a conversation with a coworker about my strange reading habits and he informed me that Watership Down was not only made into a full-length animated film, but you can also watch the entire thing on YouTube. Who knew?!

I loved that when he sent me a link to it, the subject of the email was simply, "Rabbits."

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