Saturday, April 10, 2010

Terra Cotta Warriors: Cool, Meh

Writer's Note: Hey Always Fishing fans, you'll know once again my posts have become more infrequent. My beloved 7-year-old Dell has finally kicked the bucket, dead and gone for good, so my blogging capabilities have been reduced to when I can wrestle my boyfriend's computer away from him to write. Not easy when you're dating a grad student who has papers due constantly. I hope to have a new machine soon, but in the meantime, bare with me and I will try to update at least once a week.

That being said, it's no surprise to you why I'm just now blogging about my excursion to the final showing of the Terra Cotta Warriors last week.

Thousands of larger-than-life statues guarding an ancient emperor, as a big history enthusiast, I was really excited to see them. I had heard for months that it was an incredible exhibit and had been dying to go since I first found out they were coming to the National Geographic Museum in D.C. last November. Somehow, time got away from me and suddenly it was the end of March and the exhibit was closing March 31.

Thanks to a savvy friend, Tad and I were able to score two tickets to the final showing through (it's a great website site for events, but it's more geared towards singles wanting to meet singles, so if you're in a relationship, skip the "receptions").

I'll spare you the details of the exhibit because what is on the NatGeo website for it is all the exhibit had to offer. Maybe a little less.

Tad and I had a lovely date night and certainly enjoyed going, but both of us felt a little disappointed. I for one was expecting more warrior statues, and we counted only seven. We were also sort of bummed at how many things in the exhibit were replicas, and that the whole thing was more "here they are! Enjoy!" and didn't explain, how the statues were removed, cleaned, reassembled, how long it took, how they were shipped here, what was next for them and the biggest puzzlement: what and where archaeologists going to dig next. The only indication given was that they were not going to touch the emperor's burial tomb.

So was the exhibit cool? Yes. Did it live up to the hype? Meh.

We did get a nice picture out of it:

Notice: Replica. Also, Poor Tad, I was wearing high heels that night :)

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