Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top Chef DC Filming in Silver Spring?!?

One of my friends at work took a stroll over to Whole Foods in Silver Spring today, and snapped a photo of this posted sign in the store with her phone.

For those of you who aren't regular Bravo network watchers, Magical Elves, Inc. is a production company that produces several shows for them, including Project Runway, Treasure Hunters and -- TOP CHEF!

And scenes where chefs are racing through Whole Foods, punching each other out to get the last fresh cut of fish for the day, is a quality show staple.

Not going to lie, totally going to conveniently forget multiple items off my grocery list one day at a time so I just HAVE to run over to my local Whole Foods to buy it. Seriously, I think it'll attract more people to the store. Great marketing and legal tool, Whole Fools. BONUS!

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Simone said...

MAN, i should have gone today for a cameo!