Monday, May 3, 2010

Hair Delimma! (again)

Not to worry, I didn't accidentally die my hair black again.

Should I go blond or stay brunette? Right now I'm dark brown with lighter brown under tones. Nothing dramatic. In fact, it has faded to dull, flat dark, dark brown color with almost orange-ish streaks. Trying to make a decision by Thursday because I'm trying to squeeze in a hair appointment to get my horrible roots fixed before Mother's Day this weekend (for all of you who forgot it was Mother's Day this weekend, you're welcome).

My hair looks like this now. You can see my dilemma. I have really dark hair with a blond streak from a birthmark on my scalp and as I've gotten older, the blond has turned from a golden to a grayish. This has fascinated every stylist I've ever been to:

P.s. it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a photo of yourself in the bathroom where the lighting is best and not look awkward.

So I could really go either way: lighter or darker. If I go blond, which I was thinking might be fun for summer, I was thinking this:

If I stay brunette, I was thinking this:

Help! Opinions wanted!


Jess said...

I vote brunette!

Lauren said...

Thanks Jess! I've had three other people tell me brunette too so I think that may win out.

Lori Wark said...

Brunette. Blonde is so last century.